The cost of data loss?
It ain't chicken feed. So you always want to know — with confidence — if there's a fox in your IT henhouse.

We understand why people get mad at computers.
We’re OK with it — it means they want to get things done.
That’s where we come in.

IT problems are business problems

Technology plays a role in the daily operation of every business. Unfortunately, sometimes the role it plays is a roadblock. We see our job as doing more than getting you around a particular roadblock: we want you to see the entire map.

Preventing problems

Enabling an organization to go about its business looks different from one operation to the next. For example, a doctor’s office must meet different IT compliance standards than a credit union. But some of the basics — like email security — are vital measures for anyone. We partner with you to identify the right pieces to put in place.

Solving problems

When a problem arises, you want it solved in a way so it won’t happen again. This is where the savings promised by past shortcuts, workarounds, or piecemeal approaches are often revealed as a mirage. Suite3 has the cross-industry expertise and cross-discipline team to give you practical, lasting IT solutions.

We can be your IT department,
or we can be your IT department's best resource.
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