Effective data back-up must be forward looking

The attention businesses give to data back-up and recovery often relates to whatever caused their most recent data loss. But lapses in backing up data can be caused by different events: if you are too focused on the last time it happened, you won’t be ready for the next time. Properly securing your data calls for a proactive and comprehensive approach — and we can show you how.

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More than back-up, we have your team's back

Even the best-intended, best-trained staff is prone to human error: by some industry measurements, it’s the second-most likely cause of data loss. In addition to industry leading back-up and data recovery technology, Suite3 has the cross-industry expertise to reduce your data loss risk with:

  • Workflow improvements, such as automated information management, that reduce the chance of human error as well as improve efficiency
  • Comprehensive data security approaches that prevent failures introduced by viruses or attacks

Preventing lost data and boosting ROI: that's Intelligent IT

Suite3 has the experience and knowledge to develop stand-alone data back-up and recovery that can outperform what most businesses have in place. But we are best able to deliver value, improvement, and efficiency for our clients when we address business data in three dimensions: network configuration, security, and back-up / recovery.

By working closely with you around the specific requirements and challenges your business environment poses, we can do much more than prevent the last data loss problem from occurring again: we can help you turn your IT investment into a driver for growth.

Insurance can replace equipment lost in disaster, but not your data

There are plenty of outside forces that can expose shortcomings in your data back-up and recovery systems, from fire to theft to weather emergencies. That’s why it’s important to use a combination of on- and off-site back-up approaches.

Finding the right balance of those measures has a lot to do with the volume and type of data your business relies on, the frequency that back-ups need to be made, and the compliance requirements of your industry. Additional factors include your reliance on cloud-based systems, such as Office 365.

We understand all the ways your business IT can impact your bottom line, and we have the experience and resources to address them.