Your IT network and security should be dynamic

Data networks and data security require hardware. Nevertheless, they really are living things — because your employees rely on them. Any approach you develop that doesn’t incorporate the way your team accesses and relies on information is bound to have inefficiencies and security blindspots.

We have extensive experience in high-compliancy fields such as healthcare and banking. This experience can be a vital asset when you are preparing for the evolving challenge of managing and protecting business data.

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Intelligent IT: proactive & integrated network security

Improved security does not have to bottleneck productivity: your team can work fast without being loose.  The most robust hardware available can be neutralized by a lack of practical policies for users to follow, or by a workflow that introduces data to unnecessary risk.

Suite3 can put  IT investment to work for your business goals through a comprehensive approach to:

  • how networks are configured
  • how data is secured from the firewall back to the individual user, and
  • how data back-up and recovery are incorporated into workflow

What have you patched for me lately?

Among the most frequently exploited vulnerabilities in a network relate to security patches for common  systems not being kept up to date. We make sure updates happen the right way, at the right time.

Even though your business may depend on highly specialized software (something we have a great deal of cross-industry experience with) the most mundane systems, like email or word processing, are likely your main IT security risk. Keeping software versions updated  through our ManageSuite service is one of the main benefits of engagement with Suite3.

An intelligent workflow improves productivity and security

Suite3 clients throughout the region rely on best-of-breed components to keep their networks stable and secure. But the aspect of network connectivity we care most about is how your employees fit into it.

As your partner, we’ll bring depth of knowledge to the table. But it’s our willingness to listen to your perspective about how — and how well — your network serves your business that truly distinguishes us. By developing a network around your specific, real-world usage, Suite3 helps support greater efficiency, data security, and overall uptime.