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When did I get cruise control?

Software-as-a-service is provided on a perpetual update model, resulting in new features seeming to appear somewhat randomly

Hey, can you send me a check for $40,000?

We explore why spam filters aren't always effective in blocking spear-phishing emails, making your best defense a Healthy Dose of Skepticism

Suite3 becomes a Microsoft Gold partner

Suite3 recently upgraded our Microsoft Partner Network status from Silver to Gold, and we examine what benefits this offers us and our clients

Beware advice following a security scan

We offer a cautionary tale about how the recommendations made by a security scanning tool may or may not result in making an environment more secure

The pendulum swings

Throughout the history of computing, where data lives has moved between the data center and the user - are we at the dawn of an era of decentralization?

A retrospective on 30 years of IT service

January 1, 2020 will mark our 30th corporate anniversary, so we take this opportunity to look back, as well as look forward to what lies ahead