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The only SLA is “fast enough”

We discuss Service Level Agreements, and now Suite3 defines and monitors SLAs for user-level service support requests

How ThreatHunter MDR saved a client’s bacon

We offer a case study demonstrating how our ThreatHunter MDR solution prevented a client from having their entire network encrypted by ransomware

Developing a Security Mindset

We define what it means to have a Security Mindset, and how leveraging advanced solutions like ZeroTrust goes beyond being just another layer of protection

Adding canaries to your IT coal mine

We explore the origin of the term ransomware "canary" and discuss the value of adding ransomware canaries to accelerate incident detection and response

MDR is the new backup camera

We offer the recent revelation that as with cars, IT safety and security solutions that begin as options become standard issue over time.