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Should I be backing up my cloud data?

Just because data is in the cloud and not on-premise doesn't mean backup and recovery planning should be forgotten

Hey! What’s up with my Patch Report?

We recently noticed some irregularities with many of our clients' update delivery reports. The cause? (Spoiler alert: Thanks, Microsoft!)

Disaster Recovery Planning Basics

Unsure how to begin creating a Disaster Recovery Plan? We provide some basics to get started, and discuss testing as a critical component of the plan

What’s a security framework?

A Security Framework needs to be neither complex or expensive. Suite3 has defined a simple security framework with three main goals - Manage | Secure | Protect

How secure is my password?

Want to test different password complexity options for effectiveness? There's an app for that - and we provide some examples for consideration

I never used to have these issues before…

Issues are more prevelent in technologies at the beginning and end of their life-cycle, so leverage proactive replacement to lesson their impact

October 2018 newsletter

Our October 2018 newsletter discusses the newest trend in spear-phishing, offers security awareness sessions, provides video conferencing do’s & don’ts, and we meet Mike Lareau

Four hours for a PC replacement estimate?

It's very common for a new PC roll-out project to average up to four hours per system -  While this may seem an extraordinary figure, like with most things in IT, it's because the effort is often like an iceberg - there's a lot more to it than what's visible above the surface.

Spear-phishing 2.0

Spear-phishing attempts are on the rise, and there's a new and evolving trend in the content of the messages received - now often reflecting an actual password the recipient has used in the past!

The September 2018 Newsletter

This month, we offer ways to be vigilant against spear-phishing, discuss improving your patch health score, update our O365 peer group, and more