How “Suite” it is – Manage/Secure/Protect/Service

When we decided to rebrand as “Suite3”, our marketing consultants commented that people understand the concepts of “suites” in terms of technology – i.e. the Microsoft Office suite of applications.  Therefore, in parallel with our name, and the unit number of our swanky new office within Mill 180, you may have noticed our services are being marketed under “Suite” names, such as ManageSuite, SecureSuite, ProtectSuite, and ServiceSuite.

This was done as part of the rebranding, and our services have been grouped as such on our Suite3.com website since January.  However, we just recently updated the service descriptions on many of our invoices to now include these names.  For example, the “IBS Backup and Recovery (BRS) Appliance” as been renamed the “ProtectSuite Backup and Recovery Solution (BRS) Appliance”, and our managed firewall offering is now the “SecureSuite Managed Firewall w/ 8 X 5 Support and Reporting”.

If you’re a long time client and don’t know your ManageSuite from your SecureSuite, no worries – we’ll help you navigate the names if you have any questions.  They’re just fancy names for the rock-solid solutions you know and love… now gluten-free and fortified with Vitamin D (yeah Marketing!).

If you’re new to us, then building a multi-layered IT security plan is easier than ever with Suite3, as we’ll work with you to select the right mix of solutions out of each category to keep your data safe and secure.