Keeping you informed about emerging trends, potential risks, and new solutions, as well as developments at our company.

What Suite3 does to prevent ransomware

We provide background regarding all the ways Suite3 helps clients reduce the likelihood of being impacted by a ransomware incident

Why can’t I install a new printer?

Having a "security mindset" means understanding that ransomware event would be much more inconvenient than a slight delay when a new printer

Hey, what’s that new “S3” icon?

Observant users may have noticed a new icon in their system tray - the S3 icon. We provide a brief overview of it's features and functions.

Is the free version of Teams a good idea?

We explore why running the free version of Teams is a bad idea for those running on-premise Exchange if support by Suite3 is required

Incident Response Planning

We discuss how Suite3 recently rewrote our Incident Response Plan and the key info we'll need from clients if they were to have an incident