Get the most from your investment in Office 365

Office 365, the cloud-based Microsoft product suite, holds incredible potential for businesses — but only if it’s implemented and administered correctly. Suite3 can provide all the expertise you need to get your questions answered, and to be sure you choose the options that fit your needs.

We are not trying to sell the product: we just want to make sure our clients get everything from it that they expect and need.

  • If it’s a move your business is considering
  • If you find all the options (and different product names) confusing
  • If you’ve made the switch and don’t feel like you’re getting complete value from it

…we’re here for you with answers.

Keeping up-to-date with security patches

One of the most valuable benefits of the Microsoft Office 365 subscription model is that it entitles users to perpetual version upgrades when they become available. Keeping software versions up-to-date is crucial to overall data security.

In addition to helping you choose the version of 365 that best fits your organization, Suite3 can enhance the workflow and security gains it promises through our overall IT services. We are much more able to deliver value from your IT investment when we are able to integrate your overall network configuration, data security, and back-up & recovery approaches.

Because it's cloud-based, it can grow with your business

The subscription model of Office 365 offers incredible flexibility in how you can deploy it across different devices. Smart phones, tablets, and Windows or Mac devices can be licensed in combination; this allows your business to put 365 to work in a way that matches how you get business done.

Suite3 can work with you to find the optimal arrangement, and make changes seamless when you add new employees or additional tools from the available options. You won’t worry about over-paying for things you don’t use or missing out on features that can benefit your team.

New workflow tools for collaboration

Among the many options that the broader Microsoft 365 offering makes available are features that can make it easier for your employees to work together. If you make frequent use of video conferencing, or have been frustrated by stand-alone conferencing platforms, Microsoft Teams could be a perfect solution to include.

We believe strongly in making IT work around your people, not the other way around. The flexibility and scalability of Office 365 follow the same general principle — but only when you have guidance on what all the options mean for your business.

If your goals include establishing greater IT workflow and security, with approaches shaped to the way your specific business works from day to day, Suite3 and Office 365 could be the right numbers for you.