A retrospective on 30 years of IT service

Thirty years ago, we were founded at the dawn of the PC revolution, delivering Innovative Business Systems to clients throughout the region. We saw the birth of the Internet, and learned the importance of helping our clients plan for and manage IT assets through their lifecycle.

Twenty years ago, we lived through the Y2k bug, and saw computing environments open up by extending IT borders to remote offices and workers. We learned the importance of Disaster Recovery Planning, and developed, tested, and modified advanced backup and recovery solutions to help clients protect their data.

Ten years ago, we saw the cloud further extend the reach of business IT environments, and make understanding where data lives a top of mind discussion.  Unfortunately, we also saw a dramatic increase in the frequency and severity of malicious security threats targeting data belonging to small businesses due to its value – often by either encrypting access to the data and extorting payment from the business to regain access via ransomware, or by stealing the data and selling it on the dark web.

The good news is that as we embark on our fourth decade of service, our engagements feature powerful management and security solutions we deliver from our Security Operations Center. We offer our clients access to free Security Awareness Training sessions to help their employees develop a healthy dose of skepticism to better spot phishing emails, to understand the importance of getting real about passwords, and to allow the company to keep calm and compute on.

We continue to reinvent ourselves due to the changing landscape of business IT.  The way things used to be done are not the way they should and can be done in the future. Our clients do not have the luxury of thinking of themselves as simply financial institutions, manufacturing companies, non-profit organizations, insurance agencies, medical practices, or whatever vertical market they happen to work within, they all have to be data security companies, and we are actively working to make cybersecurity part of their company’s DNA.

At Suite3, we’re proud of what we do and what we’ve accomplished, but our best work is ahead of us.