Additional information regarding upcoming McAfee to Proofpoint migrations

Last week, we shared some key information regarding our upcoming McAfee to Proofpoint email sanitization migration project.  If you missed that communication, you may reference it in this blog post on our web site.  In addition, the following are some additional considerations regarding this upcoming migration:

Q: Is anyone already using Proofpoint, and if so, how is it working for them?

A: Not only have about ½ of our existing clients already been transitioned, but all new clients that have come on since January have been setup with Proofpoint as their email sanitization solution, and Innovative has been using the service for our email sanitization since May.  We’ve found the scanning of bulk spam as effective as with McAfee.  Overall, clients have noticed no difference in effectiveness.


Q: We leverage Innovative Cloud Exchange (ICE), Innovative’s cloud-based hosted email platform – does this pertain to us?

A: Yes – we have been leveraging McAfee as the email sanitization solution for all ICE clients and will converting all as part of this final migration project.  However, McAfee is bundled with your ICE agreement, and you do not see McAfee line items on your invoice, so you will see no billing changes with this migration.


Q: We leverage McAfee for email encryption – How will the encryption product be different?  Will we need to inform our clients of changes to prepare them?

A: We’ve configured the Proofpoint encryption service to use the same default encryption triggers as in McAfee, so your internal users shouldn’t require any changes in behavior to trigger encryption – most clients trigger by including [encrypt] in the subject line.  In addition, Proofpoint offers an Outlook plug in if you want to add a button in Outlook to force encryption which can be deployed to your users once the migration is completed and Proofpoint is live.  Your clients who are receiving encrypted emails will need to create new login credentials the first time they get an encrypted email from you through Proofpoint.


Q: Do users have to do anything as part of this migration?

A: Yes – as communicated in the initial email sent last week, all users will receive a welcome email titled “Your New Proofpoint Essentials account!” – Please inform all your users to expect this, and that this email is legitimate and not to be deleted or ignored.  Follow the instructions contained therein to create a Proofpoint portal login to be able to access spam quarantine and mail flow log information, as well as access the continuity feature, should it ever prove necessary.


Q: Do you have any documentation on the product?

A: Yes!  Contact us if you’d like to receive a nine-page Proofpoint User Guide, as well as a tip-sheet created by Innovative staff on the key usability features found in the Proofpoint portal.


Q: Will everyone be migrated by the end of September?

A: Honestly, no, but if it were up to us, all would be.  As McAfee is winding down their email services team, we have been unable to add additional clients or services to their system for several months, and our fear is that someday, a client will have a problem, and there will be no one at Intel/McAfee to help.  For select clients in the midst of additional current projects, we are delaying one month to the end of October, however, we STRONGLY encourage all remaining clients to migrate by the end of September.

Q: Why did Innovative decide to migrate to Proofpoint?

A: When we learned of Intel’s intention to take McAfee email services end-of-life, Innovative evaluated many alternative solutions including MimeCast, Roaring Penguin, Reflexion, Microsoft, Proofpoint, and Trend Micro.  Due to several factors, we settled on Proofpoint as the best option for our clients.  Proofpoint is the email sanitization solution in our technology stack, and will be the only solution supported by our technical team through any service agreement engagement.

Q: Is this migration going to cost me anything?

A: Not unless there are additional services necessary for Innovative to conduct, outside of the migration itself.  For example, for clients where Innovative manages their firewalls under agreement, we’ve already made the modifications to their firewall configuration to allow mail to flow through Proofpoint when the email flow switch is flipped.  However, we have some clients that do not have firewall management as part of their Innovative agreement, so we have notified internal staff what changes need to occur so that they, or their firewall vendor, can modify accordingly, making the transition as seamless as possible.  If they want Innovative to make the change for them, we can, but since it’s not covered by their agreement, those services would be billable.


Q: Innovative doesn’t usually have a history of these sorts of communications – is this migration a big deal?

A: Not really – we’re just being transparent, providing as much info as possible so that all understand that such migrations are not handled lightly, and are implemented after careful consideration, planning, and execution.  Migrations conducted to date have been completed flawlessly with no significant delays in mail sending or receipt.


Thank you for your attention to our communications regarding this migration project. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Service Manager, Eric Kerkhoff ([email protected]) or Client Relationship Manager, Traci Hennessey ([email protected]) with any questions.