Announcing Responsive Endpoint Patching

In the past, we’ve discussed the reasons why our patch reports will rarely indicate an environment is 100% patched, and we’ve talked about some of the particular areas to address to try to improve performance . However, in our never-ending quest to achieve the highest patch percentage possible, we are pleased to announce Responsive Endpoint Patching as a new feature of our ManageSuite Advanced Update Management.

By design, our ManageSuite management agents initially attempt installs at well-defined regularly scheduled times. Should a system be unavailable or unresponsive at the scheduled time, the management agents will attempt silent, out-of-schedule update installs where possible, frequently within ten minutes after an out-of-date system comes online again.

That said, it is a common misconception that out-of-date systems will immediately start patching the next time they are turned on; unfortunately, this is not always a practical promise to keep. Our Responsive Endpoint Patching system for out-of-date, out-of-schedule, silent update delivery is fine-tuned to avoid business interruption from bandwidth consumption, slow computer response, or unwanted reboots. If you don’t notice it working, that’s part of the objective!

We successfully tested Responsive Endpoint Patching with select clients who saw consistent improvement in their overall update performance. Thereafter, we activated it for all ManageSuite update clients, with the exception of a few who have requested an opt-out due to specific considerations, and will continue to refine this process for greater patch delivery success.