Announcing the ManageSuite Windows 10 Feature Update pop-up

Windows 10 is part of Microsoft’s OS-as-a-service model, with regular, scheduled releases of new Windows 10 versions. This supplants the older practice of building service packs that augment the operating system instead of replacing it. The process of updating one version of Windows 10 to a newer version is called a “Feature Update”. Feature Updates are a single-action operating system upgrade and migration, which preserves (where possible) software installations, user profiles, and system configuration settings. 

Sample pop-up message – please note that the exact wording may be edited or revised

The download for a Feature Update is considerable, usually around 5 GB of data. Our automated scripts are able to perform these downloads using multiple methods to minimize bandwidth impact to the user and client. Once downloaded, the Feature Update procedure can be lengthy, requiring multiple reboots between 30 minutes and 2 hours of install time (depending on the age and speed of the system). Because of these factors, we will first attempt to schedule and process the installation of Feature Updates during our clients’ overnight patch delivery windows in order to avoid user interruption. As a new feature added to improve the success rate of overnight updates, users whose systems are ready for a Feature Update install may see a pop-up message advising them to leave their computers turned-on, plugged-in, and internet-connected so the Feature Update may run. These pop-ups will continue to occur until a Feature Update attempt is initiated. 

To date, we’ve seen moderate success with this pop-up notification feature. However, future updates may ask for additional actions to help further improve effectiveness. Always read the pop-up message fully as your assistance will help to improve the overall security stance of your environment.

Keep in mind, we’re also able to perform additional Feature Updates on-demand by request, so if you want to schedule a day to trigger these updates on demand, just send a request to our service desk and we’ll make that happen.