Why is the Apple/FBI data encryption standoff important?

The standoff between Apple and the FBI regarding the iPhone used by the San Bernadino terrorists has brought the discussion of data encryption to the forefront.  In this case, the FBI is seeking Apple’s help to gain “backdoor” access to the encrypted data contained on the iPhone.  However, the FBI is NOT asking for Apple’s help to decrypt the phone – they are only asking for a special update to be applied to the version of the iOS operating system on the phone which would remove the 10-failed login attempt limit.  Currently, if the FBI were to try 10 login password unsuccessfully, the phone would reset to factory default, and all data contained therein would be lost.

To help shed more detail on this matter, I was interviewed on WHYN-AM on Wednesday, February 24th.  You can listen to my interview to learn more about this topic.