April 2018 Newsletter


April 2018


From Dave’s Desk
Office365 – Way more than email. That was the title of a lunch-and-learn event we held last June at our old Northampton Street office. In that context, we discussed the many additional cloud applications available with a subscription. However, many subscriptions also offer the installation of Office licensing on PCs, laptops, and tablets.

In this month’s newsletter, we explore leveraging an Office365 subscription as an Office licensing procurement option, discuss the difference between IPS and IDS, address the importance of annual renewals for firewall services, and we meet team member Tad Puckett.


Dave DelVecchio, President


Office licensing as a subscription


When most people think of Office365, they think of email. However, many Office365 subscriptions include Office licensing as well as access to email and other cloud services.

In a recent blog we challenge readers to instead think of Office365 as an Office software subscription model.


IPS vs. IDS and why it’s important


Sometimes the alphabet soup of technology acronyms can be mind-numbing, but the difference between IPS and IDS marks a critical distinction.

In a recent blog we explore the difference between Intrusion Detection Systems and Intrusion Prevention Systems as part of a firewall’s security services to protect your data.


Way more than a warranty


An important note regarding IPS is that it’s only available on a subsciption basis. Many clients mistakenly assume that the annual FortiCare renewal is only a warranty extension on the Fortinet firewall itself. However, the annual renewal also includes the continuing subscription not only for IPS services, but also content filtering, antivirus services, and more. In addition, failure to renew before the expiration date can be a service-impacting event as internet connectivity will fail to work. Therefore, it’s imperative clients approve FortiCare renewals promptly upon notification.

If you ever receive a renewal quote from Suite3 and are unsure of it’s purpose, please reach out and ask. We’re always happy to clarify renewals that would be nice to have, good to have, or that you must have to maintain uptime and optimum security for your environment.


Meet Tad Puckett

Tad Puckett

A key component of our Client Support team, Tad Puckett recently celebrated his five year anniversary with our company. Tad joined us in 2013 with experience working in a contract position at a local community college providing IT support to faculty, staff, and students, and with ample prior customer service experience as a manager within a regional food retailer. Tad holds multiple CompTIA, Microsoft, and Apple certifications, as well as an Associate of Science degree in IT Security from Springfield Technical Community College.

When not at work, Tad is getting back to his artistic roots working with photography, painting and Digital Art. When the weather is nice he is outdoors, landscaping, kayaking, hiking and camping.