August 2018 Newsletter


August 2018


From Dave’s Desk


Over 1,000,000 served! Earlier this month, our ticketing system generated is 1 millionth service ticket since its inception in 2009, so we brought our celebration to the lucky client whose issue created ticket number 1,000,000 – Girls Inc. of Holyoke!

Also this month, we introduce Microsoft Teams as a collaboration platform for business, announce our first Office 365 Peer Group meeting being planned for September, congratulate Josh Churchill on his recent certification, and introduce new team member Scott Hemmer.


Dave DelVecchio, President


Over 1 Million Served!


Our friends at Girls Inc.
On Friday, August 17, 2018, we reached a milestone at Suite3 – our service ticketing system created it’s 1 millionth ticket since inception in 2009! The ticket was auto-generated through our ManageSuite Remote Monitoring and Management system at 10:50pm when it recognized that a critical service within the Windows Server 2012 Domain Controller at Girls Inc. of Holyoke had stopped and was automatically restarted, preventing their staff from potentially coming into the office the next business day to a downed network! The ticket was auto-closed at 10:51pm, and a potential system-down crisis was averted, demonstrating the power and benefit of automation.

As a result, we paid our friends at Girls Inc. a visit this week with balloons and a cake in hand, bringing Sandra Loya, Suzanne Parker, and Sarah Etelman into our 1,000,000th ticket celebration! Congrats Girls Inc. on being our lucky 1 millionth served.


Introducing Microsoft Teams


Introduced in 2017, Microsoft Teams was released as the next generation collaboration platform for business. While the early release was lacking critical features, development has resulted in the rapid release of updates, and Microsoft has articulated that they are “all-in” with Teams being the critical platform for business moving forward.

In a recent blog, we introduced Teams by defining its usage, and discuss its positive impact on our internal business communications. In addition, we provide links to several introductory videos and articles.

Ready to dive in? Check out this 45-minute video from the Microsoft Virtual Academy on how to prepare your business for the launch of Teams.


Join our Office365 Peer Group


More and more businesses are leveraging an Office365 subscription within their business, and we’re finding in most cases, they are leveraging hosted Exchange for email, and will pick one of the many additional capabilities and build it out for their usage. One company may find creative ways to leverage Sharepoint, another may leverage OneDrive, yet other has jumped into Teams.

Therefore, we are launching an Office365 Peer Group as a place for the Office365 admins and champions within area businesses can come together to share their experiences and knowledge. This is not a training session – participants should be prepared to share their knowledge in addition to learning from each other, but early adopters will be given the appropriate time to build knowledge to gain experiences to share, so all are welcome!

The first session is being planned for September at our Easthampton office – if you are interested in participating, please contact Seth or Jasmin and we’ll add you to the contact list once a date is announced.

Certification Update


Congratulations to Josh Churchill for successfully upgrading to the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Productivity certification! This multi-exam certification validates that Josh has the skills needed to deliver cloud solutions, increase user productivity and flexibility, reduce data loss, and improve data security for our client organizations by leveraging Microsoft Windows Server 2016, Exchange Server 2016, and Office365-based solutions.

Meet Scott Hemmer

Scott Hemmer
A recent addition to our team, Scott joined us following his engagement as a contract employee as a Site Technician for the local office of an online learning organization as well as an InfoSec Intern with a local municipality. Scott holds CompTIA A+ and Certified Wireless Technology Specialist certifications, and has attained a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Westfield State University as well as a Master of Science in Cyber Security Management with a Concentration in Digital Forensics from Bay Path University.

A veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Scott has also served as an assistant at a local Veterans Service office.