Automated updates to Windows 10 20H2 are on the way

As of May 10, 2021, Windows 10 version 1909 will reach its end of support. In response to this forthcoming date, Suite3 has begun rolling out Windows 10 Feature Update 20H2 to our clients on a rolling basis. 
In keeping with our Automation Coordinator’s irrepressible habit of trying to answer questions before being asked, he offers the following Q&A: 
Q: Which systems will receive these updates? 

A: Any system running Windows 10 version 1909 or newer will start downloading the new Feature Update effective immediately. Clients who have contacted us saying specifically that they don’t want 2004 or 20H2 because of known compatibility issues are being contacted to discuss next actions. 

Q: Has Suite3 tested this yet? 

A: Yes. We have already rolled out version 20H2 to hundreds of systems across a few dozen clients. So far, there has been only one system with uncorrectable issues, most likely due to its unusual hardware.  When this occurs, we rollback to a previous Windows version.

Q: How can I find out which Windows 10 version(s) are in my environment? 

A: For an individual system, just open a command prompt, type winver and press Enter. You should also be receiving a list of systems in need of Feature Updates with your monthly patch health report. 

Q: What if we have an application or process that cannot run under 20H2? 

A: Contact us so we can work the problem with you. We can dial-in the rollout schedule, as well as work with your application vendor(s) to resolve compatibility issues before they impact your business. 
Keep in mind that Feature Updates should not be ignored perpetually; Windows 10 versions that run beyond their support lifetime will no longer receive vital security updates that can prevent compromises to your systems. 

Q: What changes or interruptions can be expected? 

A: We strive to perform these updates at times when people won’t be impacted by the install procedure. Immediately after the Feature Update is applied, your first login may take longer than usual (up to a few minutes) as your profile settings are migrated into 20H2. Beyond that, you should not notice more than superficial changes.  

Q: How many systems will get Feature Updates per night? 

A: No more than 10 per client per night, with a few exceptions for certain clients. Practically speaking, few clients will ever see more than 5-6 updates at a time due to the distributed update package download rate. 

Q: I have more questions! 
A: You can probably find your answers at https://www.suite3.com/patching#win10 which includes a more thorough description of how the update schedules work. 

Q: How does your Automation Coordinator sleep? 

A: He doesn’t thanks to his ingesting copious amounts of Pierce Bros. signature “Fogbuster” coffee blend.