Changes to our backup and recovery solutions are coming

Suite3 offers two primary backup and recovery solution offerings to our clients – our Backup and Recovery Solution 2.0 (BRS2.0) for on-premise servers, and our 365 Cloud Backup offering for Microsoft 365 environments. In the coming months, Suite3 is happy to announce the migration of both platforms to new, more advanced technologies.

Our BRS solutions for on-premise servers will be rebranded to BRS3.0 to signify the change. The new, underlying technologies will allow Suite3 to provide more efficient backup management and decrease Recovery Time Objectives during data restoration processes. These changes will be occurring primarily behind-the-scenes with no impact to our clients whatsoever. In some cases, we may choose to replace and/or upgrade the on-premise backup appliance and we’ll coordinate those efforts on a client by client basis. There are no project costs to clients for us to complete these upgrades, and the monthly fees for these service will be unchanged.

Our 365 cloud backup solution is also in the process of being moved to a new cloud-backup provider. The new solution provides much more robust and granular recovery options not just for email, but for critical OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams data. Unfortunately, these advanced options come with a price, and will lead to price increases for our cloud backup clients. However, we’ve negotiated a ramp-up period so that any per-user price increases will not occur until after the first of the year.

We are committed to continually reevaluate the functionality needed to provide the best, most cost-effective solutions for our clients, and a periodic refresh to new platforms proves necessary as what has been best up to now may not always be what’s best moving forward. This research and upgrade management is part of the value gained by partnering with Suite3. Both backup platforms are beginning their upgrade cycles this month and are targeted for completion by year’s end for all clients.