Cloud data needs cloud backup – a cautionary tale

We recently had a client lose access to a few critical files that demonstrated the importance of having a backup solution in place for cloud resources. Specifically, this client has been with Suite3 for less than a year, and they came to us with an existing Microsoft 365 subscription. One of their employees had created a few key files and shared them with coworkers to review and edit – an excellent use of OneDrive.

However, the document creator left the organization around the first of the year and as a result, their account was disabled. After six months had passed, the client requested we go ahead and delete the user’s account which we gladly did.

Several weeks thereafter, we get a call stating several users can’t find files they need to access, and the hunt is on. We quickly realize that the files in question were part of the deleted user’s profile. After a quick search, we determined too much time had passed and that they were not recoverable from the inherent recovery functionality in Microsoft 365. Therefore, the files were lost to the ether forever.

If a third-party cloud-to-cloud backup solution were in place in advance, we’d have had another mechanism from which to recall the deleted user’s files. As we shared two-and-a-half years ago, Microsoft only backs up data for their benefit, not yours. If you leverage OneDrive or Sharepoint as part of your 365 subscription, it’s critical that we discuss adding a 365 backup solution to avoid a similar data loss incident.