Does completing a survey really matter?

Heck yeah! As our clients know, at the completion of each of our service request tickets, the end user or point-of-contact receives the invitation to take a one-question survey to provide feedback regarding the service received in regards to the request – was the service received Unsatisfactory, Average, Good, or Excellent. Our “goal” is to earn a Good or Excellent rating on each reply. A response of Average or Unsatisfactory is considered “sub-goal”.

Each month, we measure the percentage of tickets that meet our goal and express this number as our Customer Satisfaction Percentage, or CSAT%. We are currently on a three-month streak, having posted a CSAT% of 99% for November, December, and January.

One way we leverage these results is to evaluate the reasons why we earned a sub-goal response. As we discussed in detail in a previous blog post, the usual reasons are due to lack of urgency, empathy, or communication. Our diligent attention to these attributes helps to contribute to our generally low number of sub-goal responses.

Often, our clients will offer a comment in addition to their score of our service. When added to a sub-goal reply, it helps us to identify precisely what action we could have taken to have earned a better result. When added to a goal reply, it allows us to share the positive feedback with the staff to reinforce the actions that are valued by our clients. Referred to internally as “SuiteNothings” (formerly called “atta-boys” or “atta-girls”), we aggregate and share all of the positive comments received with the entire staff who always appreciate the recognition of their efforts.