Early Suite3 Logo Design Options

In previous posts, we explored the process by which we decided on the name Suite3, and we discussed some of the names that didn’t make the cut.  In the continued exploration of our rebranding process, we thought we’d share some of the early logo designs once the name was settled.

Needless to say, the process of starting with a blank slate was pretty intimidating.  However, our consultants lead us through the process by reminding us that we didn’t have to have a “eureka” moment – we simply needed to explore style and manner options that could point us in the direction that held the greatest potential.

As our guide, we identified some of the key concepts we wanted our look to convey.  These included being:

  • “simple and direct”
  • “human”
  • “accessible”
  • “refined”
  • “professional”

As a result, there were six options presented, each with a snazzy code name:

  • “Stock Car”
  • “Live Wire”
  • “Bricks”
  • “Tangents”
  • “Blue Print”
  • “Brush Paint”

The foundation for what would become the Suite3 logo was Blue Print, which was designed to be architectural in nature.  However, it’s funny to look back at the initial design in comparison to the final design – font choices, thicknesses, the rectangle instead of a square, the position of the 3 – each modification indicative of many hours of discussion and edits.

So which of these options would you have favored?  Let us know your thoughts!