Employees returning to the office may not be so easy

Starting in mid-March 2020, we could see the results of the mass exodus from our client’s offices due to the new social distancing mandates. Work-From-Home became the norm, and many employees who had been working on desktop PCs were setup with laptops to be able to work remotely. With vaccines now beginning distribution, we anticipate many employees will begin returning to their offices in Q1 2021.

However, those PCs still sitting in their offices at work haven’t been turned on in as many as nine months! In fact, as of this morning, we see 13% of the systems for which we manage patching and AV have been offline for over two weeks and another 4% have had those services disabled, often because they’ve been dry-docked so to speak, and are not actively being used.

However, as a standard security best practice, many environments have been configured to auto-purge computers from their internal networks after a period of inactivity. As a result, when some of these long-haul systems are eventually turned on, they will no longer be setup to login to their internal computer networks.

Therefore, it’s critical that clients notify Suite3 when they plan to have employees return to work in an office using a PC that’s been dormant for a period of time during the pandemic. While not quite as substantial, these systems will require a subset of the configuration steps of rolling out a new system in the environment similar to a new PC purchase.

Please try to give us as much lead time as possible so that we can schedule resources to complete these reentry steps in advance so that your employees can return and begin working without delay.