Here we go again!

Last month brought the news of WannaCry – yesterday, we first started hearing of Petya, the ransomware flavor of the month.  Innovative has been actively monitoring industry security sources for the latest information as it has become available.

Shortly after initial discovery in the wild, it was reported that the Petya ransomware signatures appear similar to the WannaCry attack that hit more than 150 countries just last month.  Also similar to WannaCry, this current attack has been hitting clients in Russia and the Ukraine the hardest, but there are reports of major corporate victims in both the United States and Europe.

Innovative has been actively reviewing systems and to date has not found any infected systems.

The Petya variant is targeting Microsoft Windows operating systems, and reports show all systems from XP – Windows 10 are susceptible to the attack.  Global security vendors have identified that the attack shares the exploit created by the NSA called EternalBlue. Organizations should be protected if the Windows patch issued in March has been applied through mechanisms like Innovative’s centralized patch management solution.

In addition, our managed firewall services provide comprehensive protection against Petya through several integrated and automated means, including automatic intrusion detection (IPS/IDS), intrusion prevention (anti-virus), real-time analysis of suspicious code, and automated information sharing.

Innovative is dedicated to protecting our client’s data. As part of a comprehensive computer security plan, Innovative starts by working with our clients to the three pillars of computer security:

  • Back up your critical systems’ files, and keep that backup offline.
  • Push out up-to-date antivirus signatures.
  • Patch Microsoft and key third-party applications, and check the currency of your patches.

Users can help, as well, by following the Cardinal Rule of safe computing – Don’t execute attachments from unknown sources!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out.  In the interim…

Have a plan – Stick to the plan.

Keep Calm – Compute On!