Hey, what’s that new “S3” icon?

Our clients may have noticed a new icon showing up on their Windows desktops and laptops and Macs. To help support our clients and users more easily, we have put a new icon in the area know as the system tray. This icon and the services it contains provides for a number of benefits. For example, it will help us identify a user’s computer more easily when we need to provide remote support. In addition, it will allow the user to perform some automatic tasks on their systems at their convenience for tasks that cannot be performed completely automatically.

The tray icon looks like this on Windows PCs:

…and it looks like this on a Mac.

Clicking the icon (right and left click both work here), you’ll be greeted with menus which vary slightly between Windows systems and Mac systems, but are generally similar. The Send StatusScreen Capture, and Update Inventory commands are rarely needed; you only need to select these if prompted by a Suite3 technician. Other features available include:

  • The Self-Service menu will only appear when there are scripts available for a user to run. The available scripts will vary, depending on what your device needs at the time.
  • The System Information item will pop up a summary information screen containing basic info about your system, including operating system, user, disk, and network information. A Suite3 technician may ask users for information from this screen.
  • The Help button will send you to an info page about this service.
  • The About button brings up a small window that gives you your computer’s unique ManageSuite ID, the computer’s name, the ManageSuite agent version, and the date and time when your system last checked in. A Suite3 tech might ask you for either your computer’s name or ID number so we can be sure to connect to the correct system.
  • The Languages submenu will allow you to choose among the multiple available languages installed on your system. If you only have English available, this menu will offer any additional languages.