How secure is my password?

We’ve discussed passwords vs. passphrases before, but have you ever wondered how long it’d take a computer to try to crack a password?  Well there’s an app for that!  More specifically, a website: howsecureismypassword.net

A healthy dose of skepticism means that one should NEVER put an actual password in to test, but some sample passwords provide  interesting information regarding the effectiveness of password complexity.  Let’s say you’ve got a cat named Fluffy, so you would like to use that as the basis of an easy-to-remember password.  Some simple edits can increase effectiveness – for example:

Password – Time to crack:

fluffy – Instantly

fluffy2018 – 1 Day

fluffythecat – 4 Weeks

fluffy-2018 – 5 Years

fluffythecatismyfriend – 11 Trillion Years!

Feel free to play with the site and test variations on your own.  You may be more of a dog person, after all.