How Suite3 will prioritize service during the COVID-19 pandemic

This week has brought a lot of changes to “business-as-usual” with the COVID-19 pandemic taking center stage, and as we reinforce during our Security Awareness Trainings, if you have a plan and stick to the plan, you can Keep Calm and Compute On. In our COVID-19 preparedness overview post yesterday, we highlighted how the design of our infrastructure affords us the ability to work remotely as effectively as we can when in the office. As a result, we’ve offered our back office and remote support employees the flexibility of either coming into the office or working remotely as they see fit.

However, our service delivery personnel are regularly scheduled for on-site support and implementation services. After all, a replacement for a failed hard drive won’t install itself. However, our primary goal is the health and wellbeing of our employees and clients. Therefore, we will begin reprioritizing when on-site service will be scheduled for clients during this pandemic crisis.

For service requests, those requests which can be handled remotely will be scheduled as such. However, since a failed hard drive cannot replace itself, we will limit on-site visits only to address those items which cannot be handled remotely. For those clients with regularly scheduled on-site visits, we will be switching those to remote support days. Possible exceptions may be made to clients in industries critical to providing service during the pandemic, including our banking, credit union, and health care provider clients.

For projects, we will be prioritizing those projects which can be conducted 100% remotely, as well as those which facilitate our clients to expand their ability for remote work during this pandemic. Projects for routine upgrades unrelated to pandemic services may take secondary priority and will be scheduled as our resources allow.

This is very much a moving target, and we are committed to our clients to keep them running during this turbulent time. Have a plan, stick to the plan, keep calm, and compute on. That’s Intelligent IT.