Introduction to Microsoft Teams

In 2017, Microsoft Teams was released as the next generation collaboration platform for business.  Microsoft offers an introductory video, but the video may confuse more viewers than it informs as it is more aspirational than informational.  In summary, available through an Office 365 subscription, Teams is a web-based portal accessible though Windows client, Mac client, and/or mobility apps for workers to interact seamlessly in a conversational, threaded newsfeed – think of it as a multi-channelled internal-only Facebook for business.

Our company has been fairly early adopters of Teams and we’ve found it’s usage transformative.  Almost all internal communications have moved from our Outlook inbox to the threaded Teams discussions.  With conversations occurring in custom-defined “channels”, all history is captured for easy discovery and search.

For those that have taken the Microsoft Teams plunge, you may find these 4 tips quite useful. For a much more informative description of Teams, check out this overview for more info, or inquire of your Client Relationship Manager to setup a demo of how we’re using Teams within our organization.