June “atta-boys/girls” – keep ’em coming!

Back in February, we talked about how we track CSAT, short for “Customer Satisfaction”, through the use of our closed ticket surveys. In addition to the survey score, we aggregate and share all of the positive comments received each week at the end of business Friday – referred to internally as “atta-boys” (or “atta-girls”!).

Our clients were a talkative bunch in June! Out of 286 total surveys, we received only 1 sub-goal reply (with a rating of either “Unsatisfactory” or “Average”) and finished with a CSAT of 99.7%! Below are the positive comments offered with the name of our resource who worked on the ticket, and the score that the ticket received (3 = “Good”, 4 = “Excellent!”). Keep in mind, some of these are typed quickly and we didn’t edit for grammar or spelling:

  • I greatly appreciate Deb’s perseverance resolving this annoying issue!! – (Deb) – 4
  • Thank you for assisting in my absence! (Kyle) – 4
  • Prompt response and task completed and explained (Tim) – 4
  • Thanks so much for getting this done so quickly (Nick and Dispatch) – 4   
  • The instructions given were not only accurate, but validated with tests. (Jon) – 4
  • As usual, a great job – (Ben Scoble) – 4
  • Thank you for the doing this and instructing me how. (Jon and Chris) – 4
  • Tim was instrumental in assisting with a painful IT questionnaire. For that, I am truly grateful. – 4 
  • 🙂 (Jason Crews) – 4
  • Great service. On time and rapid. Thanks (Kyle and dispatch!) – 4
  • Thank you (Jon) – 4
  • Tim did a great job resolving the issue within the day. Will let you know if I come across it again. Thank you. (Tim and Tad) – 4
  • Tad provided excellent service as usual. (Tad) – 4
  • Tim Parsons goes with the flow. No matter how many interruptions and last-minute issues, the issue gets resolved. We appreciate that he took the time to create remote access instructions for Fred. Thank you. (Tim) – 4
  • Jon Fruge was a great help and explained the strict filtering system of Connecticut On-line Computer Center (COCC) and that they usually reject rtf attachments. Thank you. (Jon) – 4
  • Called tech support and I cant remember who took the call vary professional Jason got right back to me logged in and took care of the issue thanks for the good service – (Jason Crews and Dispatch) – 4
  • Pleasant and helpful (Ben Scoble) – 4
  • Thank you! (Deb) – 4
  • Awesome service! (Ben Scoble) – 4
  • OMG! Ben was patient and personable while helping me to complete my task. I was dropping the F-bomb and frustrated and he maintained his professionalism and was so understanding!! Thanks, Ben!! You are AWESOME!! (Ben Scoble) – 4
  • We did not have the after hours number but Suite3 still received our request and corrected the situation. Much appreciated. (Kyle) – 4    
  • Jason did a great job as always! (Jason Crews and Jason Leja) – 4 
  • THANK YOU! (Karly) – 4
  • Quickly resolved the problem! (Nick) – 4   
  • Thank you our VPN is up and running great into site.  (Rich) – 4

We score our project surveys a little differently, but they earned positive feedback, as well!:

  • Thank you very much. We worked through an extensive upgrade project with little down-time and clear updates for progress. It was a pleasure working with the installation/implementation team. (Chris)
  • Nick is very professional and patience. Hope moving forward all good too. Thank you for the service. (Nick)

Do know your comments are read, shared, and appreciated, and we’ll keep working to earn those “Excellent!” ratings!