KRACK Attack… what you need to know

Here we go again… another week, another security emergency. However, this event has a fairly low probability, and should not be overly concerning.  It was announced through various new outlets yesterday that a security vulnerability exists in WPA2 wifi encryption standards that may make it possible for attackers within range of your wifi device to intercept wifi traffic thorugh what’s known as a “man-in-the-middle” attack.  If you’d like a more technical overview, this article at arsTechnica does a nice job of explaining the particulars.

Innovative has been working with our primary wifi vendors, such as Fortinet, to identify any potential vulnerabilities and remediation steps. In addition, Microsoft silently released a fix for supported versions of Windows as part of the Oct. 10th cumulative update. This update has been approved and will be deployed tonight to our clients who leverage Innovative’s patch management solution. Additional updates from vendors are being made available and will be applied to client wifi equipment as necessary to patch against the vulnerability. In the interim, practice safe computing habits, and Keep Calm, Compute On.