Materials availability continues to be an issue in the IT supply chain

“We’re all in the same storm, we’re not in the same boat”. That’s been one of my favorite sayings regarding the pandemic – some companies, organizations, or individuals are struggling, while others are thriving. During most years, many of our commercial clients whose fiscal year matches the calendar year would be racing to contact us to make end-of-year purchases to take advantage of Section 179 tax savings. We’re still getting some of those requests, but 2020 has thrown a new wrinkle into this usual end-of-year procurement frenzy.

In more “normal” times, purchasing end-of-year PCs or laptops from Suite3 was easy – we’d discuss what was needed, send a quote for the appropriate configuration, and have the item installed onsite, usually within a two week period. However, as we posted in the early days of the pandemic, these are not “normal” times. Available inventory of PCs and laptops from vendors and distributors continues to be extremely constrained and is changing constantly. Often times we have to take what is currently available on a daily basis making quotes obsolete nearly immediately after being sent. While we’re confident we can get you a system, flexibility and understanding regarding manufacturer, configuration, price, and delivery time may be required.

Quite often, quotes include phrases like “price and availability are subject to change and may change at any time”, but those statements were background noise and rarely came into play. However, 2020 has made that more of the norm rather than the exception.