May 2018 Newsletter


May 2018


From Dave’s Desk


A favorite saying that I’ve picked up from an associate of mine in Texas is that “some questions deserve an answer, and some deserve a conversation”. While it’s only fair that service delivery would be billable as incurred or through a managed services agreement, we don’t charge for a conversation.

In this month’s newsletter, we explore the role of account management in our organization as a conversation conduit, address the latest phase in our rebranding campaign, revisit our participation at GNECUS, and we meet team member Jon Fruge.


Dave DelVecchio, President


Talk is cheap!


During some recent on-boardings of new clients, we’ve been surprised to learn that some other IT providers debit their client’s agreement hours for tasks such as quotes for equipment purchases, account management meetings, or heck – even inquiries about how many hours remain on their service agreement! Rest assured, their hours don’t equal our hours. We’re finding that with these newly on-boarded clients, we’re accomplishing better outcomes in less than half the agreement time as much of their balance was being chewed up by non-technical tasks.

At Suite3, we don’t charge for a conversation. Feel free to pickup the phone – we’re ready to answer your questions. Let’s talk!


But don’t try to sell me!


Speaking of account management, some people are confused by it’s role in our organization. First, we’ve tended to hate that name as it’s not the account that needs management, it’s the relationship. Hence, we dub the position Client Relationship. Next, the primary role of the Client Relationship Managers isn’t to sell products, it’s to be sure we are meeting and exceeding our clients expectations while the client best leverages our resources so that they are meeting ours. After all, a deal is only a good deal if it’s good for both parties, and the Client Relationship Managers help to make sure we’re delivering value to the relationship.

Unlike some of those other providers, our Client Relationship Managers are not commissioned on the products they sell, so when you’re working with Jasmin or Seth, you can be assured you’re receiving good advice based on your needs, not theirs. So feel free to reach out and let them know how we’re doing!


How Suite it is!


Starting with their July installments, clients may start seeing new names for some of our familiar services – For example, the “IBS Backup and Recovery (BRS) Appliance” as been renamed the “ProtectSuite Backup and Recovery Solution (BRS) Appliance”. While the removal of the “IBS” reference may be self-evident, what the heck is a “ProtectSuite”?

In a recent blog, we explain the origins of our ManageSuite, SecureSuite, ProtectSuite, and ServiceSuite solution categories.


Project Management Secret Sauce


Earlier this month, Suite3 exhibited at the Great New England Credit Union Show (GNECUS) where our president, Dave DelVecchio, presented in a breakout session on our Project Management Secret Sauce. To listen to a podcast about the topic, please check out the GNECUS media page where you’ll find Dave’s podcast as the first listed.


Meet Jon Fruge


Jon Fruge
Jon joined our company in late 2011 as a member of our services team, having come to us from a service provider in Connecticut that specialized in the support of dental practices, as well as having been the internal IT resource for a television station in Louisiana. Jon has attained certification from CompTIA and eSet in his career.

Jon has a couple dogs “who think they’re cats” and a kitten “to rule them all”. He also enjoys working on costuming/cosplay as a family project with his wife and 2 daughters, and he donates his time as a member of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club, a Star Wars costuming/charity organization that appears at charity events at children’s museums, events, and hospitals.