More upgrades coming your way!

Last month, we highlighted a client-wide upgrade project to a new, advanced version of our ManageSuite Managed Antivirus platform. This is but one of many managed service upgrades currently in process, all in support of our 2019 theme – Accountability.

In parallel to the AV project, we are also mid-stream in upgrading our ProtectSuite Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery platform. These upgrades not only allow for technical improvements and better management than prior versions, they provide the foundation to improving the reporting of backup and replication successes and issues.

Also, with the move to our new remote support platform which was highlighted in our September 2018 newsletter, we are also releasing upgrades to the reporting of remote access sessions.

Finally, we’ve created a new, additional format for our patch management platform – an Executive Summary of patch health organization-wide. For those clients who also wish to receive the legacy detail report, it’s still available in its standard format. However, feedback from many clients was that this was too detailed for review by non-technical executives, so we have created a supplemental Executive Summary report based on a format recommended by one of our valued clients.

Whether managed antivirus, backup, remote access, or patch management, our goal is to provide accountability through reporting, not just to clients in regulated industries, but for all clients. Expect to see these new or modified reports going live on a rolling basis throughout Q1.