Moving from the free version to the paid version of the VMware hypervisor

For many clients, the free version of the VMware vSphere hypervisor has been leveraged to allow multiple virtual server instances to virtually share the physical server resources, such as memory and processing power. However, limitations in the free version are starting to conflict with other services required for the servers, and the upgrade to a paid vSphere edition is in order. For example, by upgrading to the paid version, we can leverage advanced backup and restore capabilities for your virtual machines in the event a recovery is required.

The good news is the paid version is fairly inexpensive in both the initial purchase and annual maintenance renewal, and many of our clients are already leveraging this version. However, if you are running the free version, expect a quote for the upgrade to paid version shortly. Suite3 leveraged the free version for as long as it was technically feasible. We will continue to work to keep IT costs as low as possible by leveraging the most cost effective approach which yields the best uptime and outcome for our clients.