Other names not so “Suite”

As I’ve been meeting with clients, it seems many are intrigued by the story of our rebranding as Suite3.  As we’ve discussed how we settled on the name, I often mention that they should see some of the “winners” we didn’t select.  So… for your enjoyment (and possible ridicule), the following were some of the other names that were on the drawing board besides Suite3:

  • Exycute
  • GreyMatter
  • HopTek (or Hoptech, Hoptic, etc)
  • IndiaTango
  • Provize / Provise
  • Thunderklap
  • TruIT / Trutility
  • and lots of variants of the word Innovative, like GetInnovative, Innovanext, Innovatech, Innovature…

…and those were the good options.  We’ll keep some of the other, more off-the-wall candidates (Happy Puppy, for example)… to ourselves.