October 2018 newsletter


October 2018


From Dave’s Desk


Cyber-security tactics need to constantly adapt to new threats, and we’ve seen a recent notible change to how cyber-criminals are targeting individuals through advanced spear-phishing campaigns.

This month, we examine what we’ve dubbed spear-phishing 2.0, we offer security awareness sessions for small businesses, we discuss the new PC roll-out process, offer some video conferencing do’s and don’ts, and we meet team member Mike Lareau.


Dave DelVecchio, President


Spear-phishing 2.0


We offered a reboot in last month’s newsletter of an article first written in 2017 regarding “spear-phishing”. In a recent blog article, we discuss a new and evolving trend in the content of the messages received – now often reflecting an actual password the recipient has used in the past! Remember, the best defense against cyber-crime is a healthy dose of skepticism!


Security Awareness Sessions Available


Just as it’s best to know the rules of the road before you drive, it’s also best to have your employees know best practices for safe computing before logging into your business network. Therefore, we’ve put together a security awareness presentation designed specifically for our small business clients that we’d be happy to share with your employees. Divided into two sections, the first defining a data security framework, and the second providing some easy-to-follow best practices, we aim to educate in a fast-moving 45-minute to 1-hour session. Please contact Suite3 president Dave DelVecchio for more information.

Four hours?!?


It’s very common for a new PC roll-out project to average up to four hours per system for roll-out. While this may seem an extraordinary figure, like with most things in IT, it’s because the effort is often like an iceberg – there’s a lot more to it than what’s visible above the surface.

In a recent blog article, we examine the steps necessary for a system replacement, and discuss how a little pre-migration planning and data purge can have a big impact on reducing the time necessary per system.

Video Conferencing Do’s and Don’ts


As a public service, well known marketing and business guru Seth Godin offered up these simple to follow tips as the secrets of video conferences.

Meet Mike Lareau

Mike Lareau
Mike Lareau celebrates his eighth anniversary with our company this month, having first joined us in October 2010 as a project lead. Mike currently serves as our Solutions Architect where his extensive work as a senior systems engineer gives him broad insight in his current role with analysis and design.
Mike holds numerous advanced certifications and an Associate of Science degree in IT Security from Springfield Technical Community College, where he currently serves on the Computer Information Technologies Advisory Board. When outside of work, Mike enjoys traveling and snowboarding.