Office licensing as a subscription vs. outright purchase

When most people think of Office365, they immediately think of email, and with good cause.  The foundation of many Office365 subscriptions is the move from hosting corporate email within a Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Small Business Server on-premise at a client’s site to hosted Exchange with Microsoft.  However, as we highlighted in a lunch and learn event last summer, Office365 features way more than email, and one feature of many of the subscription packages is a perpetual Office license for all subscribed users.

With the Office365 versions that include Office, not only does the user have access to running the applications as a WebApp off of the cloud, but the user is given the right to install a local copy of Office on up to five devices – PCs, laptops, tablets, and such.  In addition, as new additions are released, the user is entitled to download and run the latest version of Office.

There are many flavors of Office365, including those intended for companies with under 300 employees versus those businesses of any size.  To complicate matters even more, there’s special subscriptions for our non-profit clients.  In all cases, the additive monthly cost for a subscription including Office is typically cost-neutral to purchasing new Office Professional licensing through the traditional Open Licensing program on a 4-to-5 year refresh cycle.

Reading these eye-charts of subscriptions can make your eyes bleed.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss what subscription options may be right for you.