One lock or two?

In this day and age, most people have two locks on their perimeter doors to enter their homes – a standard door handle lock and a deadbolt. Would you feel comfortable protecting the access to your home and valuables with just a door handle lock? We recommend putting the same care and consideration for securing the remote access to your computing environment.

Remote access to your environment is a business necessity for most nowadays and opens us up to more productive possibilities, but special care should be taken. Your username and password (door handle lock) should no longer be your only method for securing this access. All environments should have another means of securing this remote access and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is it (deadbolt).

Back in 2017, we introduced the concept of Multi-Factor Authentication. Security best practices dictate that a “something you know (username and password) plus something you have (dual factor device)” approach is a necessity to help ensuring your taking adequate steps in protecting your environment and securing access to your data.