Over 1 Million Served!

On Friday, August 17, 2018, we reached a milestone at Suite3 – our service ticketing system created it’s 1 millionth ticket since inception in 2009!  The ticket was auto-generated through our ManageSuite Remote Monitoring and Management system at 10:50pm when it recognized that a critical service within the Windows Server 2012 Domain Controller at Girls Inc. of Holyoke had stopped and was automatically restarted, preventing their staff from potentially coming into the office the next business day to a downed network!  The ticket was auto-closed at 10:51pm, and a potential system-down crisis was averted, demonstrating the power and benefit of automation.

As a result, we paid our friends at Girls Inc. a visit this week with balloons and a cake in hand, bringing Sandra Loya, Suzanne Parker, and Sarah Etelman into our 1,000,000th ticket celebration!  Congrats Girls Inc. on being our lucky 1 millionth served!

L to R: Dave, Sandra, Suzanne, Sarah, and Seth