Plan Accordingly for the Global Chip Shortage

You may have seen recent news stories announcing that the world is beginning a period where all industries will be affected by a global chip shortage.  This is affecting anything with silicon chips – cars, consumer electronics, and of course, IT equipment.

If you plan to hire additional employees or simply need to have a spare computer/monitor or laptop on hand in the event of a failure, please contact Suite3 to order those items now!  We fully expect by the end of the second quarter for hardware inventory to begin disappearing and the lead times to get computers will go from a few weeks to several months.  Even firms like Samsung and Apple who order more than 100 million chips annually have signaled that they may not have enough chips to launch their new products this fall.

Everything you buy today has a chip in it, ranging from your iPhone charging cable to a simple smoke detector.  Clients in multiple industries have been advised by their vendors to stock-up on inventory now because they expect little to no supply beginning Q3 of 2021.  If you choose not to purchase spare hardware or hardware for future employees, then please know that we may not be able to source product in a cost effective or timely manner. In fact, we may not be able to find you the spare part you need or a new system at all, so please take this notice of the global chip shortage to heart and plan according to your needs.