A rose by any other name would smell as SUITE!

We are very proud to announce that starting January 1st, 2018, Innovative Business Systems, Inc. has filed the papers to allow us to do business as Suite3!

Founded in 1987, Innovative Business Systems, or “IBS” as many have known us, has been providing IT support since before there was an “IT” – it was “MIS” at the time, or “Micro Computing”, and heck… even “Cyber” wasn’t a thing yet. Well, neither was Irritable Bowel Syndrome… an unfortunate “IBS” correlation with which we’ve lived for some time now.

Starting in late 2016, Innovative began exploring the possibility of a name change after a new client pointed to our business card noting our web address and said “for-IBS? Nobody WANTS IBS. You know you have to change your name, right?” And this wasn’t just any new client – this was the Creative Director of a niche marketing firm in Holyoke. So we asked this resource, Jim, to work with us to explore some of our marketing pieces to date to help us tweak our messaging, as well lead us down the path to explore potential naming options.

Jim facilitated after-hours brainstorming sessions over pizza and beer with those on our staff interested in participating – he distilled results, worked with his team to come up with examples of options, and commented that there are times when the best names present themselves in “A-ha!” moments.

In parallel with these exercises, we had also been conducting our quest for a new space to call home as we had outgrown our prior office. As I was signing the lease for our new space within Mill 180, the first line read “Landlord leases to Tenant… office space known as Studio 3.” I thought… that’s a cool name… and over lunch with Jim later in the week, with great excitement, I said “what do you think of the name Suite 3?” Now… I had read “Studio 3”, and for whatever reason, in that moment, said “Suite 3”.

Jim wrote the name on a piece of paper in front of him, all as one word, S-U-I-T-E-3, and said… “It’s only six characters, it’s got an “IT” in the middle of it, it rhymes, and numbers are hot right now (who knew?)… I like it! There’s a lot to work with.” Shortly thereafter, we added the name to a shortlist of finalists on a white-board we had in Mike Lareau’s office, and over time, the only name that spoke to us was Suite3. Late one Friday afternoon mid-spring, we decided to end the week with a bang and bought multiple domain names, and with that act, our new name was born.

This will be a rolling implementation – it will take some time for all of the changes to take effect. As noted earlier, while we will be “Innovative” at our core, we will be doing business as (DBA) Suite3. Through January, you will see changes occur to our quote templates, reporting templates, invoice templates, and so on. New business cards are on order, as are coffee mugs and golf balls, we will be starting the re-lettering process for our company vehicles, and of course, a new web site will be launched.

We are proud of our history, and we thank you very much for being part of it. But we are also very excited as we embark on this journey, and we look forward to your being a part of our future as well.