Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). Simplified.

As the security approach of a small business matures, more and more advanced detection and response solutions are added, such as Security Information and Event Management, or SIEM. Many businesses in regulated industries, such as banks and credit unions, or manufacturers and suppliers who sell into the Defense Department supply chain, are often required to have a SIEM solution in place. But what exactly is a SIEM solution?

At its core, a SIEM solution provides three main functions:

  • Log Aggregation for information out of the Active Directory domain of your corporate network, Microsoft cloud environment, firewalls, antivirus system, and similar platforms
  • Reporting for the ability to provide trend analysis and aid in forensics should a cybersecurity event occur
  • Alerting for the ability to detect and respond to an incident, should an Indicator of Compromise be detected  

Unfortunately, most of the SIEM platforms on the market were initially developed for the Fortune 500, and have not successfully scaled down to be technically applicable or cost effective to mid-market and small businesses.  We found these platforms to lack flexibility in reporting, often fail at generating timely alerts, and come with exorbitant costs.  There had to be a better way.

Suite3 is now offering Siemetry, a SIEM solution with Microsoft Azure Sentinel at the foundation, which offers two key benefits:

  1. All log aggregation data is stored in our client’s existing Microsoft tenant.  Having our client keep 100% of their data in their possession means that Siemetry is inherently more secure than any SIEM platform that aggregates the client data into a vendor’s cloud – for which another vendor would have to be added to the Vendor Management Due Diligence process, and,
  2. Unlike with other SIEM solutions, Suite3 has read access to the log data.  Need a custom report generated for a specific reason?  If the data is logged, we can report on it – just ask.

We make SIEM easy, and at a price point small businesses can afford. If an auditor, regulator, or cyber insurance carrier says that a SIEM is needed for your business, just let us know. Simple.