“Security” is a misnomer but leads to better business outcomes



1. the state of being free from danger or threat.

Our industry throws around the term “security” a lot – Cybersecurity, Information Security (aka InfoSec), etc. However, this is a misnomer. There is no magic bullet or combination of arrows in the quiver that will make any environment 100% free from danger or threat. The best plan, or Data Security Framework, is to leverage a layered approach to make your environment as free from risk as possible.

In this modified definition, as possible becomes a loaded phrase with two equally important components. What can be done technically to improve security, and what can be done affordably to improve security.

The technical toolsets available to small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) to be used in combination as part of a security framework continue to expand in sophistication and ability. Tools that used to only be made for enterprises of 1000 employees and more are now created for SMBs, and Suite3 is in a constant state of analysis and review, mapping these available solutions to the National Institute of Standards and Technology CyberSecurity Framework (NIST CSF). Hence the addition of advanced solutions such as Managed Detection and Response and Application Whitelisting to our core security stack.

The best news is if there’s been one constant in technology over the years, it’s that technologies get more feature rich, work faster, and get more affordable over time. This is why items that were once options become standard, and items that were once necessary may become obsolete. In addition, it’s why the amount of time Suite3 technicians spend per user on help-desk tickets has been decreasing over time, while the amount of time managing curated security solutions for our clients has increased dramatically.

As stated on our home page and in our recent TV commercials – by keeping IT problems quiet, you can experience a better way of doing business. By concentrating IT dollars on a layered security approach to best avoid preventable issues, the result is not only being as free from danger or threat as possible, but making workflow – work.