Sometimes you gotta move the lollipops

We have a client with a multi-floor main office who was undergoing a renovation project. As part of the scope, they needed to clear out the area around the basement server room, so they hired us to temporarily relocate the server infrastructure from the basement to their original server room, a first-floor wiring closet and store room.

We scheduled our techs to show up at 9am and we anticipated they’d be done by early afternoon. The end of the day rolls around and they come walking into the office right at 5pm, so we ask how the move went.

Our techs said they showed up on the morning of the move and the maintenance person for the client unlocks the door of the first floor closet, only to find the room is stocked floor to ceiling with boxes of lollipops! The maintenance person ran to their office to fetch a hand truck, and our techs then spent an hour and a half helping to move lollipops to gain access to the closet for the relocation project to commence.

We often say the scope of IT continues to expand, but usually mean that with the mobile revolution and the Internet of Things, there are more and more devices to interconnect and places where data can live. However, sometimes the scope of IT expands to areas which don’t involved technology at all.

Sometimes, you just have to move the lollipops.