SonicWall firewalls require immediate updates due to vulnerability

Word of a new vulnerability which affects SonicWall firewalls started to spread this week. SonicWall has released emergency patches which addresses this issue on appropriate models.

Suite3 usually recommends and supports Fortinet firewalls and the vast majority of our client are unaffected by this issue. However, a subset of our clients do run SonicWall firewalls, including many newer clients that have on-boarded with Suite3 within the last few years who came to us with SonicWall firewalls having been installed by their prior IT vendor.

Due to the severity of the risk and the simplicity of the exploit to allow someone outside the network to take over affected firewalls, Suite3 is coordinating updates for those affected. We will attempt to limit business impact, but updates may need to occur during business hours in an effort to address as soon as possible.