BIG NEWS!  Suite3 is joining Sourcepass

We are pleased to announce that effective Tuesday March 15, Suite3 has joined a company named Sourcepass.  This is an exciting moment for all of us at Suite3 and a formal announcement will soon be made to the press.  Further updates will come over the next few months as we rebrand and announce new capabilities for our existing clients.

Q: Who is Sourcepass?

A: Sourcepass was launched in 2021 with the goal of revolutionizing how small and mid-sized businesses interact with IT by providing a next-generation digital platform and best-in-class service. Founder and Chief Executive Officer Chuck Canton has a strong passion for building a company that could achieve this vision and has a track record of success from his previous ventures such as Vonage and Compass. After interviewing over 100 IT providers from around the country, Suite3 was selected as the 1st company to be integrated into their core platform!

Q: What prompted Suite3 to make this change?

A: As we have grown in sophistication in our cyber security offerings, the next logical step for Suite3 was to expand to offer 24×7 support and security operations.  By joining the Sourcepass community, we can accelerate the timeframe in which we can offer these expanded offerings.  This summer, Suite3 will be fully integrated into Sourcepass, at which point we’ll be able to offer our clients expanded services including 24×7 helpdesk, Network Operations Center (NOC) coverage, and Security Operations Center (SOC) coverage, and have field service reach available throughout the entire Boston-Washington D.C. corridor and in select markets in 43 states.

Q: Why did Sourcepass select Suite3?

A: Suite3 was selected as the first company to integrate into the Sourcepass platform in part due to the depth of our security offerings and our operational maturity.  In addition, our strong company culture, evidenced by our average employment term of over 11 years, demonstrated an employee commitment consistent with the Sourcepass vision.

Q: How did Suite3 determine if Sourcepass was the best fit for your clients?

A: Early on, we spotted an alignment between the Vision statement of Suite3 and the Vision statement of Sourcepass – Both Suite3 and Sourcepass aim to connect clients with the best solutions at the best price. However, Sourcepass has resources to innovate and scale which far exceed Suite3’s organic growth strategy.  In addition, our ideal client profiles align to those who work in industries that need to keep data secure.  Sourcepass will be pursuing ALL relevant security certifications and is actively working to attain SSAE18 SOC-II compliance in Spring 2022.

Q: How will this change affect my business as a Suite3 client?

A: Near term, agreement clients may notice a slight delay in receiving their April agreement installment invoices as accounting systems are integrated.  As technical integrations occur, there may be some changes to tools used, but we will send out notifications prior to such changes so you can prepare as necessary.  However, once integrations are complete, clients will benefit through access to a deeper technical bench, extended technical reach, streamlined operations, and extended support hours.  

Q: How will Sourcepass be different from other service providers?

A: Sourcepass aims to be a disrupter in the IT services space by reinventing client interaction and experience for Small Businesses of up to 1000 employees. Sourcepass is developing customer-facing web and mobile tools to revolutionize the way customers interact with us and manage their IT services environment.  Sourcepass’ unique approach will translate to the best, easiest, and most convenient IT services experience in the industry.

Q: What happens to the team I know and love at Suite3?

A: Four of the five owners of Suite3 are staying on with Sourcepass beyond integration – Dave DelVecchio, Scott Seifel, Ben Scoble, and Mike Lareau have all signed multi-year employment agreements for management or executive positions within Sourcepass, so the DNA of Suite3 isn’t going anywhere.  Our Easthampton MA office will continue to serve the region as our service reach is defined as the two-hour radius from Boston, MA to Albany, NY and New Haven, CT to White River Junction, VT.  

Q: What’s going to change at Suite3?

A: Initially, we will operate as Suite3 – A Sourcepass Company, and all Suite3 engagements will carry over as integrations occur.  Over the next 90 days as integrations are completed, we will be rebranding as Sourcepass, and our emails will be changing to @sourcepass.com.  We will send out further notifications prior to those changes so you can prepare your staff as necessary.  In the short term, we will be providing the exact same services as Suite3 today.  

In the longer term, we are building a digital portal which will provide a one-stop shop within your browser and mobile devices to request support, view training and knowledge base articles, order new technology services, review your ongoing technology spend, and understand the current risks to your business. We’re also building automation to allow you to instantly onboard or offboard employees, change permissions, purchase new hardware, and more.

The best is yet to come!