Suite3’s COVID-19 preparedness overview

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, rest assured that Suite3 is prepared from a Business Continuity perspective. Our company remains proactive in developing a fault-tolerant infrastructure as part of our Business Continuity Plan, maintaining the following systems toward this goal, which include:

  • Utilizing a redundant, fault-tolerant VoIP phone solution that is hosted off-premise
  • Leveraging virtual server technologies to facilitate a redundant network infrastructure
  • Leveraging internet connections from multiple vendors in our Easthampton office and Marlborough data centers to provide load balancing and fail over due to prolonged network outages
  • Leveraging an incremental image-based backup solution for all servers which includes an offsite replication to a second physical location
  • Collocating our infrastructure in a SSAE16 Type-II certified data center to provide physical access control
  • Maintaining a geographically-dispersed DR facility
  • Leveraging cloud-based solutions, including Microsoft Office365, to limit the risk of localized disasters at our physical places of business having an impact on business operations

As a result, our normal business operations have us essentially running as a virtual company with our Easthampton office serving as a dedicated, primary meeting location.  All employees have the ability to run remotely as effectively as in the office.

Should the need for immediate public communication arise, our policy is to communicate via social media platforms – currently our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter company pages. Should non-urgent changes to business operations become necessary due to the developing nature of the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ll update via our blog.