Suite3’s Three Anchors

In talking with a client recently, they mentioned that with a name like Suite3, they were thinking about what three things our company was about. I told them that when we selected the Suite3 name a few years ago, building on the triad concept was intentional, and we had focused on developing a three part answer to the question “what exactly do you folks do”, settling on the following as our brand promise:

  • Manage – help clients manage their IT assets through their lifecycle
  • Secure – secure client environments at the perimeter (firewalls, email, remote access – as that’s where the threats lurk)
  • Protect – protect data

In fact, we even sorted our service offerings into these categories under the ManageSuite, SecureSuite, and ProtectSuite names. The client then stated that we should perhaps add a fourth item – Innovate – because they have seen evidence of our ability to continue to innovate over time, with new technologies, solutions, and processes.

I then shared that there’s also an internal-facing triad we developed as well, and we refer to these as our “three anchors” – the three things that we commit that we will always be about. These include:

  • Knowing our markets – what technologies and solutions are relevant to our clients, and will be in the future, so that we are ready for them when they are ready for us
  • Commitment to continuing education – the knowledge we had ten years ago is foundational, but we exist in an industry where the only constant is change. We must commit to continually expanding our knowledge to remain relevent
  • Commitment to continuing evolution – “that’s the way we’ve always done it” is never spoken here. If there’s a better way, then that’s the way it shall be done

When our company was initially founded over 30 years ago, the name “Innovative Business Systems” was intentional, and while our name may have changed, driving innovation is still at our core. We are glad that those that know us best still recognize that commitment.