TechCavalry business unit to cease operations EOB 12/31/19

During the early part of this decade, many advancements were made in the ability to provide proactive and managed support services, and the bulk of Innovative Business Systems clients saw the value of these evolving technologies and maintained engagements with Innovative as a result. However, there were some that only wished to maintain a call-us-when-you-need-us engagement for whom proactive managed services did not provide value. As a result, TechCavalry was acquired in August 2012, providing for a dedicated tech team for these reactive-only engagements, promising that when there was a need, Help Is On the Way!

However, the latter part of this decade has seen an explosion of highly prevalent and malicious threats to business computing environments. Without managed security, antivirus, and backup solutions in place, recovery in a reactive engagement is often time consuming, business impacting, and results in a recovery to a denigrated state compared to pre-incident level. Therefore, a business who relies on only reactive services is inviting disaster, making a data loss incident not a matter of if, but a matter of when.

For example, we had two TechCavalry customers experience issues earlier this month that were entirely preventable. The first lost data due to a drive failure that could have been avoided if our Suite3 management solutions had been in place as we’d have received pre-failure warnings about the pending failure in advance. The second lost data due to a ransomware event that may have been avoided if they had been leveraging Suite3 security solutions, and they would have recovered from more quickly if our Suite3 backup and recovery solution was in place.

There is a better way to handle IT for business, and we are committing to the better way moving forward. As a result, Innovative Business Systems, Inc. (under which Suite3 is a DBA) will be discontinuing services through the TechCavalry tech team. All TechCavalry team members will transition to our Suite3 team, and no Suite3 changes will occur.

At Suite3, we help our clients proactively manage IT assets through their lifecycle, secure environments at their perimeter, and protect data. We encourage businesses of all sizes to abandon reliance on reactive services and embrace proactive managed services as your best defense against business impacting data loss events.