The September 2018 Newsletter


September 2018


From Dave’s Desk


You can’t be too careful – there are new and nasty security threats released every day, but the greatest risks are sometimes from the simplest sources.

This month, we reintroduce how to be vigilant against spear-phishing, discuss ways to improve your patch health score, discuss SQL 2008 end-of-life, announce our new remote support technology, provide an update on our Office365 peer group, and meet team member Mike Callini.


Dave DelVecchio, President


A healthy dose of skepticism


Suite3 is part of a peer group, and a peer of ours in Seattle reported they had a client who recently fell victim to a spear-phishing campaign where an employee transferred $28,000 to a fraudulent account. Unfamiliar with spear-phishing, or how to spot a spear phishing attempt? Last summer, we published a blog with an example of an unsuccessful spear-phishing attempt against us where an healthy dose of skepticism was our best defense.


Improve your patch health score


Late last year, we shared some reasons why systems may not be reporting at 100% patched. Recently, our Automation Coordinator, Ben Gagnon, shared some proactive steps clients can take to help continually improve their patch score.

End-of-life For SQL Server 2008 is near!


Back in our January newsletter, we talked about the end-of-life for operating systems such as Windows 7 Desktop and Windows Server 2008 ending in January, 2020. However, the Extended Support window for SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 ends on July 9, 2019. “Extended Support” is Microsoft lingo for “We’ll still make security patches and critical bug fixes, but will no longer add features or fix minor bugs.”

Unlike products like Exchange 2010 which require new server builds and mailbox migrations, SQL servers are in-place upgrades. SQL 2008 must have SP4 installed, and SQL 2008 R2 must have SP3 installed.

There are just over a hundred active 2008 or 2008 R2 SQL servers in use by our clients at this time, many of them the free “Express” version. It’s time to start talking to your application vendors to verify if their database applications are compatible with newer versions of SQL, and to begin making plans for those upgrade projects.

New Remote Support Technology


Earlier this summer, Suite 3 began leveraging a new remote access solution for providing remote assistance to clients through secure connection to servers and workstations. We made this change to greatly improve performance, security, and feature sets over legacy remote control software like RDP and VNC. Remote control reporting continues with the same information, though clients might notice a slight format change in the report itself. Keep an eye out for more feature set upgrades in our managed service offerings as this was the first of many planned for the second half of 2018.

Office 365 Peer Group update


Last month, we announced the creation of an Office365 peer group with a first meeting planned for September. However, with the acceleration of the timeframe for the decommissioning of our Innovative Cloud Exchange (ICE) hosted email solution, we are in the midst of migrating over three dozen clients into the Office365 platform. Therefore, we have temporarily postponed the first session of the peer group until after the completion of the migration project as we may have many more organizations interested in taking part very soon!

Meet Mike Callini

Mike Callini
Mike Callini joined us in January 2016 and spearheads our business development initiatives. Mike brought over eight years of prior sales experience, most notably representing a company that specializes in web site creation, marketing, and search engine optimization services for legal practices throughout the country.

Outside of work, Mike is a member of the Easthampton Chapter of the Holyoke St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee, and was a tour guide at Fenway Park during his college years.