‘Twas the night before Christmas

Throughout 2020, had to work from your house
Bought a new headset, a keyboard, a mouse;
You ran ethernet cables by the chimney with care,
and had hopes 5G internet soon would be there;
The children were schooling all snug in their beds;
While visions of classrooms danced in their heads;
And mamma in her PJs, and you in your cap,
Were tired of Zoom and just wanted a nap,
When from your PC, there arose such a clatter,
You called Suite3 to see what was the matter.

From wherever they were, they respond like a flash,
You for sure thought your PC was nothing but trash.
The power button was idle with a dim yellow glow,
And the screen had been black with nothing to show;
When what to your wondering eyes did appear,
But a splash screen saying Windows 10 soon would be here,
With a Suite3 tech working so lively and quick,
You knew in a moment it must be that Nick.

More rapid than eagles, the icons they came,
But now you wondered which tech did this, so you called them by name:
“Now, Jason! now, Jason! now Karly and Ben!
On, Randy and Scottie, Tad, Tim, Rodo and Glenn!
My PC was driving me straight up the wall!
I would throw away! throw away the printer and all!”
But now that it’s booting, life is turning around, 
I can get back to work with my feet on the ground, 
My eyes – they now twinkle, my mood, how I’m merry!
My PC is running like a bowl full of cherries!
I will yell from the rooftops to all within sight —

“Happy Christmas from Suite3, and to all a good night!”