Update re: McAfee to Proofpoint Migration

As you should be aware through prior discussions and communications, Intel is taking their McAfee email sanitization, archiving, and encryption products end-of-life as of January, 2017. As such, Innovative is working to migrate all McAfee users to the Proofpoint email services platform, and your account is scheduled for this migration to occur starting September 20th continuing through the end of the month. The following are some key things to know regarding this migration:

  • Since the migrations will occur after the October agreement invoices will be generated and sent, October services invoices will still reflect the McAfee part numbers and services.
  • Once the product is live for each client, we will be updating the part numbers for email sanitization services on all necessary agreements with billing changes first noticeable on the November agreement installments.
  • The per-user pricing for anti-spam services with email continuity services, similar to the core McAfee product, will not change.
  • How Proofpoint defines a “user” varies from how McAfee defines a user. Innovative reported to McAfee the appropriate user count at the time their services were first provisioned, and McAfee didn’t change billable counts unless Innovative reported a change. However, Proofpoint is dynamic in that the user count may vary month-to-month as they bill based on the number of email addresses from and/or to which mail flowed in the previous month. Therefore, your mailbox count may change from your current McAfee commitment to a number that better reflects your current mailbox count.
  • While McAfee encryption or archiving services could be provisioned on a mailbox-by-mailbox basis, Proofpoint is an all-or-nothing solution. Therefore, if you currently leverage McAfee for encryption or archiving for only some of your mailboxes, Proofpoint encryption or archiving will be provisioned for ALL of your mailboxes. If you prefer to cancel encryption or arching services, please contact us by end-of-business Friday, 9/16, to modify your migration plan accordingly.
  • For those who have been using McAfee archiving services, we will try our best to capture the archived history from McAfee for your benefit, however, in testing, we have found not all archived clients have been successful at transitioning data to Proofpoint. Therefore, there is no guarantee that McAfee archive history will be available post-migration.
  • Once your account starts the migration process, all mailboxes will receive an email titled “Your New Proofpoint Essentials account!” – Please inform all your users to expect this, and that this email is legitimate and not to be deleted or ignored.
  • Please be sure to share this information with others that may need to be made aware of changes, such as your accounting department, as you deem appropriate.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Service Manager, Eric Kerkhoff or Client Relationship Manager, Traci Hennessey with any questions.