Update regarding integration with Sourcepass

It’s been nearly two weeks since we first publicly announced our pending integration with Sourcepass.  We have previously provided an overview of the announcement in FAQ format.  However, we now wanted to provide an update as well as more information.

For now, Suite3 staff will continue providing excellent service to our clients, maintaining all current systems and processes until we notify our clients of pending changes. The only initial change for clients is that agreement billing will come from Sourcepass starting with the April installment.  Suite3 used to send agreement invoices on or around the 15th of the preceding month. Sourcepass will be sending agreement invoices in the first week of the month going forward.

Some have inquired as to why we chose to integrate to a new organization.  Keep in mind, while Sourcepass is new, their first acquisition was a company out of the NYC tri-state area named NST who was selected as their platform company.  NST has been operating for over 20 years, and while they are very much like Suite3, they bring a lot more resources to the party.  With our integration, Sourcepass now has over 180 team members in 43 states, and counting.

We are planning to provide updates on the process every couple of weeks, with the next update likely to provide a high-level review of client integration plans.  In the mean time, please let us know if you have any questions.